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Where do you stand?

A home is generally the biggest financial investment made in ones life (except children, they cost a lot more than a house over their lifetime😊) it’s the roof over our heads, a necessity right?

We put so much pressure on ourselves as adults, as parents and community members to ‘have things’ and all this does is cause more stress and expectation.

I recently read “The subtle art of not giving a F*ck written by Mark Manson“, the great thing about reading a book is that we all interpret and take different key messages from the same words on the page.   I am quite ok with admitting I am a cynic, I had heard this book was good and went for a look; the part that sold me on the purchase reads: “The key to a good life, according to Manson, is the understanding that ‘sometimes shit is f*cked up and we have to live with it’.

This to me is real, this is life, this is how we learn and become stronger, this is why I love what I do, and why I am good at it.  I am a mother, wife, sister, Aunt, Friend, Business Woman and most importantly I am also real.  I care about where your next meal is going to come from, how you’ll pay school fees, how your kids get their new shoes; I have built my business on a reputation of genuine concern, compassion and empathy; on helping people “dig up” and watching them blossom into the next stage of their lives.

We have seen many changes over the past year and many businesses have closed, downsized or changed from a genuine approach to more sales focused environment and less focus on the real needs of the clients.  I have had over 15 years in customer service roles of many kinds and have always come back to the same key focus ‘With the service comes the sale’.  I have been led and mentored by some exceptional people, been in and led some Award Winning teams and recognised as a top performer from a sales perspective over my years.  My focus is, has and will remain on always doing what i believe is the best for my clients; sometimes this is seen as doing myself out of money but in my opinion this shows i am here for the long term, I am playing the long game. Customers over Commissions, not biting for the next deal at whatever cost.

We all have so many things to manage in day to day life and absolutely it can be exhausting; learn the value of having a reliable team of professionals on your side.  Your accountant; Solicitors, Insurance Brokers, Real Estate agent, financial advisers and of course your Finance Broker. One of the biggest problems in todays society is Loyalty.


What do you expect and what does it say about you?

What does Loyalty mean to you? This is an important question and I encourage you to think long and hard around what you expect from your friends, family and colleagues in the way of loyalty and do you apply this to business relationships?  Often loyalty is misplaced; whether in relationships or in business.  A common phrase I hear is ‘my banker has always looked after me’, but have they?

Are they calling you, emailing you or keeping you up to date with the market, linking you with other professionals who can genuinely help you grow your wealth?

Do they remember your kids names?

Your business is important to me, but so is your family.

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Whose hand are you shaking?
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